Customers have adopted N-Dimension solutions as a key element in their cybersecurity protection strategy. Some of our customers include:

Benton REA

“N-Sentinel Monitoring identifies about 10% more cybersecurity issues than our firewall, which could be critical. In addition, it provides us with the insights and guidance we need to fine tune our firewall policies. It is a resource we rely on to help us keep cybersecurity risk in check.”

Jeff Bastow
IT Manager
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Missouri Public Utility Alliance

“…Threat monitoring is a critical layer of protection that all utilities need. We are pleased to provide this guidance to all of our utility members to help them improve their cyber safety so they can ensure continued reliable operations”

Ewell Lawson
Manager Government Relations and Member and Finance Services
Missouri Public Utility Alliance

Carthage Water & Electric Plant

“…We were unaware of some of the cybersecurity risks N-Sentinel Monitoring identified and guided us in fixing. We appreciate the initiative taken by MPUA in helping us reduce risk; it is a real advantage for us.”

Jason Peterson
Director IT and Broadband Services
Carthage Water & Electric Plant

PUC Services

“…Threats are growing more hostile and frequent, connected grid technologies are creating new exposures and new challenges. With cyber threats on the rise, monitoring and awareness of vulnerabilities is essential to mitigate risk.”

Terry Greco
VP Finance
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Fayetteville PWC

“…Without continuous threat monitoring it’s easy to get a false sense that your security systems are already protecting you when they may not be. To know how to protect your network you first need to know what’s attacking it and that’s where N-Sentinel Monitoring has really helped.”

Joel Valley
Manager, Substations and Electric Support Services
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Columbia Power & Water Systems

“It is a huge benefit for us to be able to run a vulnerability assessment frequently. I now feel more confident in our ability to quickly identify end point vulnerabilities and shut them down before they become a serious issue.”

Karen St.Clair
IT Manager
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Harrison Rural Electrification Association

“N-Sentinel’s utility community data is an added value that gives us early warning and insights into developing cyber threat trends enabling us to take action to protect ourselves before a threat hits us.”

Lloyd Mason
IT Manager
Boone Electric Cooperative

Boone Electric Cooperative

“…N-Sentinel Monitoring alerted us to some unusual traffic that enabled us to take precautions. …it became even clearer to us and our board of directors how critical continuous cybersecurity monitoring and comprehensive threat information is to protect the utility and our customers.”

Ryan Euliss
Chief Financial Officer
Boone Electric Cooperative

Piedmont Municipal Power Agency

“The average length of time to identify a cyber intrusion is usually nine months which is a scary thought as it can inflict a lot of damage in that time. I was relieved to receive our first N-Sentinel report that confirmed there were no cyber threats present on our network. N-Sentinel identified a number of cybersecurity concerns along with the specific network and security devices that needed fine tuning to improve our security integrity. We received guidance on the actions to take and as a result, IT has become far more efficient.”

Central Florida Electric Cooperative

“As a result of having N-Sentinel in our network I feel like we have a granular filter to identify potential cyber threats plus provide us with specific guidance on what actions for our IT team to take to improve our security. We have learned that threat data is just that unless you turn it into something you can use to take action.”

George Buckner
Information Services Manager
Central Florida Electric Cooperative

Nebraska Municipal Power Pool

“I was surprised and concerned to see the high number and severity of threats hitting our network on a daily basis. I knew right away we had work to do to improve our security posture and armed with the detailed information from N-Sentinel plus guidance from N-Dimension’s team of security experts, we have made significant improvements. Utilities need to face the fact that threats are coming fast and furious – whether or not they’re ready.”

Bob Selzer
Director Retail Utility Services
>Nebraska Municipal Power Pool

Citizens Electric Corporation

“…we knew it was likely threats were hitting our utility but didn’t know how often or how much harm. Rather than wait for one of the attacks to successfully penetrate our security we wanted to be better prepared in advance. N-Sentinel provides us with a detailed understanding of threats and how to improve our security posture.”

Tom Borowiak, PE
Vice President Engineering
Citizens Electric Corporation