N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment Highlights

On-demand endpoint vulnerability assessments

    • While many utilities utilize a third party service to administer endpoint vulnerability scans a few times a year, it means that the other days of the year the utility could be compromised and the issue not detected until the next scan. Also any fixes won’t be verified until the next scan. N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment is a managed service that enables utilities to initiate a scan of endpoints – anytime, reducing risk, saving time and money.

Actionable Insights into vulnerabilities and prioritization

      • A long list of vulnerabilities isn’t useful – you need to know which are more important than others, which systems are affected, and what actions to take. We deliver that as part of the N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment service.

Affordable hybrid service delivery combines cloud-based cybersecurity technology backed by cybersecurity experts

      • The N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment service provides customers with access to cybersecurity experts who can answer questions and provide additional assistance. N-Dimension is a trusted cybersecurity partner for utilities.

Flexibility to scan any subnet – no limitation

      • Others may charge a fee per endpoint scanned or per subnet which can become costly. With N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment you can scan any subnet, any endpoints whenever you want. That’s flexibility and high value.

Easy, fast deployment and hands-off management

      • N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment sensors are remotely managed by N-Dimension’s technical team, and are easily installed to monitor any part of the network.

Correlate Vulnerability Assessment Findings with Intrusion Alerts

    • Customers with both N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment and N-Sentinel Monitoring can easily correlate the discovered vulnerability CVE’s with intrusion Alert ID helping quickly identify if there has been an attempt to breach the utility using that vulnerability.

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Report quickly identifies which devices have vulnerabilities and severity


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Set a schedule for vulnerability scans or perform scans on-demand