N-Dimension has built an innovative family of managed cybersecurity services designed specifically to protect critical energy infrastructures.  N-Sentinel is a line of services that provide timely awareness and intelligence about cyber threats and vulnerabilities along with expert guidance to help customers take action and tune cybersecurity policies.

N-Sentinel Security Portal

N-Sentinel Monitoring
Continuous threat monitoring, alerts and intelligence plus expert guidance on mitigation steps.

N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment
On-demand vulnerability assessment of network-connected devices, identifying vulnerabilities and specific steps to take to reduce risk.

N-Dimension has built an innovative family of solutions designed specifically to protect the assets of critical energy infrastructures.


Customer Quotes

“…we knew it was likely threats were hitting our utility but didn’t know how often or how much harm. Rather than wait for one of the attacks to successfully penetrate our security we wanted to be better prepared in advance. N-Sentinel provides us with a detailed understanding of threats and how to improve our security posture.”

Tom Borowiak, PE
Vice President Engineering
Citizens Electric Corporation

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