N-Sentinel Monitoring Highlights

Comprehensive managed intrusion detection service for utilities

  • Many small to mid-size utilities lack in-house cybersecurity experts, and often, IT staff as well. This makes it challenging to remain vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. N-Sentinel Monitoring is an affordable managed security service optimized for utilities that combines intrusion detection, alerts and cybersecurity intelligence.

Monitoring of both internal and external traffic

  • While cyber threats from external sources are on the rise, cyber threats from internal sources often outnumber those from the outside. Monitoring the network perimeter is not adequate protection against threats which is why N-Sentinel Monitoring was designed to monitor threats from both internal and external sources.

Utility cyber community intelligence

  • We have created communities among similar utilities. In each of the communities, threat data is aggregated, anonymized and shared within the community. This enables utilities to view the types of cyber issues threatening similar utilities and to take preventative action.

Actionable threat data and reports

  • We do more than provide customers with a long list of alerts data for them to decipher. Our cloud-based technology quickly aggregates the multiple alerts typically caused by a single threat. We identify the threat type, threat source, affected resource(s) and recommend remediation. This saves customers a significant amount of time and gets them going on the path to improving their cybersecurity posture faster.

Advanced threat alerts

  • N-Sentinel Monitoring data is analyzed in aggregate and as a specific threat is identified that affects multiple utilities, we send out a “Flash Alert” to make tall customers making them aware of the threat and preemptive actions they can take to reduce their risk.

Hybrid service delivery combines cloud-based cybersecurity technology backed by cybersecurity experts

  • Part of the N-Sentinel Monitoring cloud-based service is access to cybersecurity experts who provide insights and assistance in improving cybersecurity posture and reducing risk. N-Dimension is a trusted cybersecurity partner for utilities.

Easy, fast deployment and hands-off management

  • N-Sentinel Monitoring sensors can be installed virtually anywhere in the network to monitor traffic and are remotely managed by N-Dimension.

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Geographical heat map shows source and destination of security alerts.


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At-a-glance visibility and details on security concerns and priorities.


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