Power Grid Security

cyber security protection for the energy grid

Power utilities are adopting “smart grid” technologies to bring electricity delivery systems into the 21st century. The smart grid involves remote monitoring and control of distributed field devices connected to the utility core network via bidirectional public and private communication networks. Smart grids extend from power generation through power point of use in homes and businesses.

With automation and interconnected networks, the risk of cyber attacks has significantly increased for utilities of all sizes. A multi-layered cyber defense strategy is considered best practices for utilities to use in protecting themselves. Gaining visibility into network activity and vulnerable endpoints is the first step in identifying potential cyber risks. With this visibility, utilities can take informed and meaningful actions to improve their security posture.

N-Dimension offers its N-Sentinel continuous cybersecurity services to fulfill this need. In addition to identifying threats, it is a managed security service that provides ongoing threat vigilance and alerts ton an ongoing basis. Don’t wait until after your network is hacked – take action to reduce risk now.

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