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cyber security protection for the gas industry

Gas utilities have been experiencing an increase in the risk from cyber threats. The risks are likely to continue to increase as the sector deploys new and more powerful technologies that utilize communication networks to transport data.

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an alert about hackers using a tactic called “spear phishing” to send emails inserting malware in computers belonging to natural gas sector organizations. In separate incidents, intruders attempted to obtain information from oil and gas companies about drilling projects and bids.

Similar to power distribution utilities, gas distribution operators are subject to cyber attack from both within the utility as well as from the outside. A challenge they have is in how to protect a large number of remote assets, many of which are connected to legacy systems, to ensure system reliability, revenue assurance, and risk mitigation.

N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel offers continuous cybersecurity vigilance and alerts in addition to insights into threats and remediation guidance. Waiting until after your network is hacked is an unnecessary risk – take action now.

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