cyber security protection for the water industry

Drinking water and wastewater services are critical to day-to-day life in every community. Water utilities are increasingly using computer networks and industrial control systems (ICS) to operate and monitor processes such as treatment, testing and movement of water. The benefits of these ICSs include improved drinking water and wastewater service and increased reliability in service delivery. However, reliance on ICSs has made these operations vulnerable to cyber incidents. A cyber incident could affect water utility operations in a variety of ways, some with adverse effects to public health, the environment and reputation.

A multi-layered cyber defense strategy is considered best practices. Gaining visibility into network activity is the first step in identifying potential vulnerabilities to enable a utility to take informed and meaningful actions to improve their security posture.

N-Dimension offers its N-Sentinel continuous cybersecurity services to fulfill this need. In addition to identifying existing threats, it provides vigilance to identify threats and alert on an ongoing basis. Don’t wait until after your network is hacked – take action to reduce risk now.

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Customer Quote

“It is a huge benefit for us to be able to run a vulnerability assessment frequently. I now feel more confident in our ability to quickly identify end point vulnerabilities and shut them down before they become a serious issue.”

Karen St.Clair
IT Manager
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